Willow: Also known as the Blood Weeper, Driftwood, the Lady of Tresses, the Sylvan Queen, and Abaddon's Mistress, Willow is one of the most powerful forces ever to exist in the world. She was born in the time of the Great Orc Empire. Her kind, the sylvans were a race born from nature. Their skin was green, and they lived off sunlight and rain. They had talents with magic beyond any known to the world now, and she was the most powerful of her kind. Despite this, her kind were enslaved like many other races, by the orcs. She was born into slavery, and in her youth, she was a very quiet obedient girl. She didn't even say anything when she watched her parents killed before her when she was seven years old. She didn't know her own power until an orc taskmaster came to whip her for some contrived disobedience, and a tree proceeded to come to life and snap his neck. Over the course of a few hours, nature came alive and killed all the orcs watching over her march. The other sylvans panicked, but they were unmolested by the surrounding nature. As this happened, she said nothing and merely watched. When it was done, the sylvans were free, and some understood, she was responsible. Wordlessly, she became their leader, and she led them to war.

Abaddon: The Demon Lord of the Abyss, he was summoned by Horned Ones who felt that they were slighted by the rest of the world. Tall and thin, beyond any human or horned one, he wore a well-trimmed goattee. He did not love the horned ones who summoned him, but he saw them as a way to power.