In the world of Tressalia, there are eight major sentient races.

Humans: Humans are the most dominant race in the world, functioning as leaders in all kingdoms. They are much like you or I, diverse in culture and appearance. They are a relatively recent race, appearing after orcs, lizardmen, and elves.

Orcs: Though orcs seem monstrous to humans at first glance, with green or gray skin, squat noses, and tusks sticking out of their lower jaw, they are one of the oldest and most civilized races. They are known for the first major civilization, which they created around 2500 years ago. Since the fall of that empire, they have been unable to reclaim their past glory. They still exist in large numbers, and often achieve positions of power in other races' kingdoms.

Lizardmen: Lizardmen have evolved over time to be much like the other races of the world. They give birth to live young and have established their own culture. Lizardmen are common both in Valis and the Trader States.

Constructs: Constructs were created by the Arachnians long ago. Though the Arachnians died off soon after creating them, they were provided a manner to create their own offspring. Though they technically have no gender, most are created to resemble either males or females of the human race.


Horned Ones: