There exist three major religions in the world of Tressalia, one for each of the major regions. Various races may have different beliefs, either radical or minimal. Likewise, various cults exist in the world as well.

Dynasia: Faith of the God-KingEdit

As a theocratic monarchy, Dynasia is the most religious region by far. It isn't merely that the Dynasian king is head of their church: He is considered a god. This belief goes back as far as the founding of Dynasia and the time of the dwarves.

Trader States: The Sleeping GodEdit

The Trader States worship a god known as Shetaevar, the God Who Sleeps. In their mythology, he created the world long ago, and all that lives in it. Humans were the only race created by Shetaevar in the Trader State mythos.

Valis: Sea, Sky, and EarthEdit

Valisians believe in a trinity of gods: Marduk, the sea; Enlil, the sky; and Tammuz, the earth.