Tressalia is being consume by war.  Abaddon has invaded with his abyssal forces.  The Sylvan Queen has returned and become his bride.  It seems that all of the evil of the world has united behind them.  And on the other side are the three disparte kingdoms and civilization:  The Holy Kingdom of Dynasia, the Valis Pirate Confederation, and the Trader States, constantly bickering.

For survival, we formed the Concord.  It is my duty to organize the soldiers, arm them, and command them.  I provide the equipment, the orders, and the intelligence.  I engage in diplomacy, recruit the armies, and find the heroes.  I know that the Godking, Alister Hugh, is charged with banishing the demon lord, Abaddon.  The Sea Witch, Maliseri, pursues the Sylvan Queen.  Everything else is left to me.

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