Health: Health, also referred to by HP or Life is the maximum amount of damage a character can take before dying. Health restores gradually over time outside of battle, or can be restored by healing abilities.

Resource: Resources fuel character abilities. Mages and clerics use mana, while rogues use combat advantage and warriors use expertise. Resources charge through various means, and when resources are zero, characters will be unable to use some of their abilities.

Damage: Damage is the raw number taken away from health when characters or enemies are attacked. Weapons have damages that are dealt based on the weapon speed.

DPS: Short for Damage Per Second, DPS affects the damage of many skills that have set cast times.

Attack Speed: Every weapon has an attack speed that determines how often it deals damage. Many abilities have a separate attack speed that determines how long it takes them to deal damage.

Accuracy: Accuracy represents the chance that an attack will hit and deal damage and other effects.

Dodge: Dodge is the first defense for characters, compared with the accuracy of an attack. If a character dodges, they take no damage from an attack. Dodging is normally impossible for area of effect attacks.

Parry: Parry is the second defense for characters. Parry requires a melee weapon equipped and normally does not work against magic attacks. Parrying blocks all damage from an attack at the cost of weapon durability.

Block: Block is the final defense for characters, and the most likely to work. Blocking typically requires a shield and can work against any variety of attack. Blocking reduces the damage done by attacks based on the shield equipped.

Advantages: Advantages are positive status effects that increase character effectiveness and last for a set period.

Disadvantages: Disadvantages are negative status effects that decrease character effectiveness and last for a set period.

Conditions: Conditions are status effects that neither completely positive or negative, but either change the way a character plays or the options available to the character for a set period.

Effects: Effects are instantaneous events, both positive and negative that happen in the midst of battle.

Reactions: Reactions are abilities used in response to other events in battle. The main reactions occur to parrying, dodging, blocking, and criticals, though other actions can trigger reactions, as well. Reactions take place outside of the typical cooldown stream of combat, allowing them to be used instantly.